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Origin:  Czech Republic

Genres:  Melodic Metal

Years Active:  2014- Present


Label:  Independent



Short Bio

Arthemion is a South Bohemian female fronted melodic metal band that combines elements of symphonic and melodic metal with death metal. The band was formed in the summer of 2014 and has played over 60 concerts since its inception. In 2015, they released their first demo containing 4 songs. In 2016, the band's members underwent a slight change and vocalist Eva was replaced by Neira. Along with this change, the band's sound shifted from primarily death metal to melodic metal. There were more vocals added, but growling still features prominently in most of the songs.

In 2020, Arthemion released their debut album, Inner, which helped to expand their music beyond the borders of the Czech Republic, and the band gained many new fans from all continents.



Neira - vocal, scream, lyrics

Martin Majer - piano, sampler, music

Dan Kališ - guitar, growl

Radek Furmánek - bass guitar

Stev - drums



Set List

Stage plan

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