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Fear of Love

Playing time: 4:27

Genre: symphonic metal-death metal

Label: self released

Released: 18.4.2023


Recorded in Hellsound studio (Honza Kapák) and studio ART (Martin Majer)

Video by Red Point Production (Jan Murga)

Filmed at Grossberg Summer fest


Anchor 2
Fear of Love

Love, it´s the power

that affect our lives

It can be painful

from the bottom of our hearts


Lost in the memories, lost in his eyes,

The feeling of freedom in her heart.

Head somewhere in the clouds don't know how hard

is the fall of this heigh.


Sometimes even small act can make domino fall

It's a chain that you can't break

Even if you try hard to prevent

You have to endure the pain that it can make


The truth is now unfold

The story is now told

Crying eyes, hidden lies

Time to close this door


They could have everything

But their paths divided apart

It was a cause of little fear

Fear of their future together

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