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Martin Majer
piano, sampler, music

Martin was into music from an early age, and the piano was his dream instrument. He started attending a art school, where he learned to play the piano for 9 years.

After finishing, he planned to attend a conservatory, but fate had other plans and he eventually decided to quit music.

However, it didn't last long, as he found his father's guitar at home. As a guitarist, he joined his first band, Poseidon. This was followed by bands like Cemetery Roses, Astral, Atropos, and finally Forseti Reims.

Although he wanted to quit music, his friend invited him to audition for a then-unnamed band - as a guitarist. Martin firstly didn't really liked the music, but was tempted to return to the keys. And so he played the first note as the keyboardist for Arthemion.

To this day, Martin is a strong foundation of Arthemion, setting the main sound and melodies for our songs. He is also our great technical support and it's clear that he is a musician at heart, living and breathing music, as he has built a small recording studio at home where he continues to create new melodies. Arthemion probably wouldn't even exist without Martin.

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