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Radek Furmánek

Radek was born in Ostrava, where he also spent most of his life. As a teenager, he and his brother and friends started a band, and he began teaching himself to play bass guitar.


When the band broke up, he stopped playing for a long time, but a while later, these members reunited and resumed playing - they formed the band Standup Tragedy.

In 2017, Radek moved to České Budějovice, and Standup Tragedy gradually stopped playing. When the bassist of Arthemion left at the end of 2019, it was more than clear that Radek would take his place, even though he had taken a break from playing for a while and it seemed like he wouldn't return to music.

And how did a guy from Ostrava end up in České Budějovice and spend so much time with us that he became our member? Ladies, hands off, because he's actually the husband of our singer Neira.

Radek usually doesn't say much, so we have to speak for him.

In addition to playing bass guitar, he is also responsible for our promotional photographs, and you can also hear his vocals in the song "Little Bird."

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