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New single "Fear of Love" out now!

Our new single and video "Fear of Love" out now! You can stream it on Youtube, Spotify and other streaming platforms.

How do you like it? Like, share or write comments under the video. It will help us so much to spread our music.

This song is the third and final single from last year's recording at Hellsound studio. Video was filmed last summer at the Großberg Summer Fest charity festival. The festival was held in support of the Bazalka Center (

On this track, vocals are sung not only by singer Neira, but you will also hear clean vocals from guitarist Dan.

"Fear of Love" is a melodic and energetic song that deals with relationships and the desire for love. The song's lyrics describe how emotions and love can be fragile and how quickly everything can change from joy to sadness. In this song, Arthemion returns more to his symphonic-melodic side, so you can look forward to melodic arrangements and harmonies that enhance the emotions of the lyrics.

"Fear is what can ultimately kill love, and don't forget that even a small act can trigger a chain of events that may not be reversible. People sometimes fear things and situations that have not yet occurred and may not even happen. Instead of living in the present moment, they worry about what will be and would rather discard everything out of fear for the future, thinking that it might hurt less."

You can listen to the single on the official YouTube channel or on digital platforms such as Spotify, Deezer, Apple music, and others. You can find more information on the Arthemion Facebook page or on Instagram @arthemion_official.

Thank you for your support, and we look forward to meeting you at our concerts.

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